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Teaching Approach

Practice is a very important element of Sothis’ teaching. From day one, we place great emphasis on spoken language. In addition to grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary exercises, we expose our students to Spanish in its colloquial form;  providing them an insight into the social and historical structure of the country. This enhances the ability of students in using Spanish in everyday situations such as visiting the cafés, grocery stores or immerse themselves in one of the many festivals in the Canary Islands.

We use drawings, pictures and audible learning materials to establish direct relationship with the new vocabulary, making language learning much more fun. Depending on the current state of knowledge/ interest of the students in the group, we also include various topic discussions, reports, newspaper articles etc in our lessons.

Usually we use the text books developed by us “¡Vale! I or II” as the basis of our teaching. They offer comprehensive step by step approach to Spanish learning, with easy to follow explanations, examples and exercises.

“¡Vale!” – A book that makes learning Spanish a breeze!