Long Term Courses

estrella naranja pantallaFor longer stay or winter escape!

Long term courses are offered throughout the year. Lessons are conducted twice a week, 1.5 hours (90 minutes) each. However, this does not mean you are committed to our lessons for the whole year. You can, at any time, leave and re-join the course at your convenience. Maximum number of students in a class is 10.

If you find yourself in a group which is above/ below your level, you can always request to change group. It is important that your are comfortable with the learning speed of your group so that learning objectives can be achieved effectively.

Our long term courses are available in the following levels:

  • Beginners Course
  • Advanced Beginners Course (A1)
  • Intermediate Course (A2)
  • Advanced Course (B1)
  • Conversation classes (B1-B2-C1)

Prior to new student registration, an individual conversation/ assessment will be conducted to gauge and assign them the appropriate course level.