Spanish Intensive MAX course

estrella azul pantallaThe intensive MAX course is similar to our original Spanish course but with more hours thrown-in for those who want to learn the language fast.

This course is officially recognized as the “educational leave’ in Hamburg, Germany. It is required by law to run for 6 hours daily of 45 minutes (Monday to Friday). In Germany employees are entitled to 5 days leave per annum for educational training and it can be done abroad with a recognized institution. These paid leaves can be taken up to 10 days in one go (after working for 2 years) and in some organizations, the course fees are reimbursable.

Six hours of language learning can be intense, but you still have the afternoon to enjoy the things you like. You can sit at the plaza watching the world go by, take part in some activities or just lazing on the beach.

Why not mix learning with leisure? A way to MAXimise your holiday!

Maximum number of students in a class is 6.
Courses start every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.